“Each of us has the potential of being given a gift by the divine, which results in the body and soul becoming unified. In this way (with Reiki), a great many people will experience the blessing of the divine. …First of all, our Reiki Ryoho is an original therapy, which is built upon the spiritual power of the universe. Through it, the human being will first be made healthy, and then peace of mind and joy in life will be increased.”

(Mikao Usui, “Reiki Ryoho Hikkei, Dr Usui's Handbook”)


“Through his (Reiki) initiation, a Reiki student or Reiki teacher receives a wonderful present from existence, but he must himself work on his own psychological maturation. There are certainly a great many misunderstandings related to this. A Reiki initiation does not make you holy or enlightened or better than other people. It simply opens a door.”

(Frank Arjava Petter, “Reiki – the Legacy of Dr Usui”


“You do not become depleted when treating others. As you give Reiki. you also receive it and become energized, for you are working with Universal Life Force, not your personal energy”

(Hawayo Takata, “Reiki, Hawayo Takata's Story”, by Helen J Haberly)


“Selamat datang!” That's the standard “welcome” greeting in Malaysia . So, Welcome to Reiki-Abundance!” Synchronicity (or whatever you call it) must have brought you here.

Firstly, let me say that this website focuses primarily on Reiki - the Japanese art of universal energy & natural healing. As I am someone who believes in maintaining the simplicity and ‘unadulterated' version of Reiki, the Reiki courses will not be mixed with other energyworks healing modalities (e.g. Crystal Healing). The Traditional Usui Reiki attunements will also be conducted in the tradition of Frank Arjava Petter (the author of several books on Reiki).

Secondly, perhaps a few words on the name of this website, i.e. Reiki-Abundance would be in order. As the words suggest, Reiki is and can also lead to ‘abundance', and some examples of this are:

  • greater health (note: isn't health the greatest wealth?); not forgetting also savings in monetary terms; and the inconvenience of visiting a doctor and taking medication, etc
  • benefits in emotional and psychological levels, as Reiki also works on such aspects (e.g. experiencing a greater sense of inner peace, becoming a happier person)
  • and, if you are spiritually-inclined, Reiki can help to enhance this path or aspect of yours (e.g. intuition, premonitive abilities, clairsentience, clairvoyance, ‘inner knowing', etc)
  • material/worldly abundance, via Reiki Affirmations (i.e. if it's to your highest good), e.g. material acquisition

Besides Reiki, there are also plans to include workshops on Spirituality, especially on matters related to “The Celestine Prophecy” but this will be conducted separately from the Reiki courses. In the pipeline, there is a workshop called Conscious Spiritual Creation, in which one learns about “control dramas”, self-awareness/self-knowing, living in the present, etc. The theme of such workshops is that of a journey of self-discovery.

Thirdly, besides teaching Reiki - from level 1 to the Master/Teacher's level - I also conduct professional Reiki therapy sessions. The therapy session normally lasts between one to 1 ½ hours. This is a very relaxing, loving, refreshing and energizing session.

If you are interested in or looking for an energizing and spiritual experience in helping yourself and others, feel free to peruse this website and ask me further questions if they are not covered in the FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. There is a reason why you came to this website. Let us take it further from here.

Law Thim Fook