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In gay slang, a "friend of Dorothy" (FOD) is a gay man; and more broadly, any LGBTQ person. A Garland event was a pre-Stonewall means of encountering other gay men." actor Henry Brandon, which was only briefly interrupted by his marriage to Garland. Conduct Unbecoming: Gays & Lesbians in the U.S. Military.
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A later chapter on Sondheim and his oeuvre is also quite fascinating, showing how very gay Sondheim's work is and how, in spite of stated intentions to the contrary, many of Sondheim's musicals simply don't make sense unless read as gay.

In Defense of Being Boring and Gay | Time

Clum also demonstrates how many musicals can be "queered" by gay male spectators. He suggests that gay men identify with the diva, "the woman who defies conventional notions of gender and plays out the parodic, larger-thanlife performance of gender the musical privileges" 7. Clum also looks at "diva musicals" such as Gypsy, Hello, Dolly! Gay men don't identify with the "stolid and unerotic" male principal; rather, "the chorus boy carries the erotic charge" and provides a gay presence to the musical 8.

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In the final chapter, Clum looks at a range of post-Stonewall musicals, from Rent to Fairy Tales, many of them obscure, and explains why he likes some and doesn't like others. Because "many gay men fear the camp, drag, and flamboyance of the gay men who were invested in musical theater" , most contemporary musicals, although they may be explicitly gay, are "less 'gay,' in all senses of the word, than their closeted Broadway predecessors" Clum also condemns the spectacle and the derivative music of newer musical theatre, as well as the ubiquitous body mike that shifts the dynamics of the musical 's performance.

The book is explicitly polemical, as Clum critiques what he sees as a new, assimilationist, apolitical, consumption-oriented gay identity and a disavowal of both the effeminacy and the wit that characterized gay men of his generation. Clum's project is, as he notes from the beginning, "autobiographical Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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What Made Judy Garland’s Life So Tragic

Institutional Login. LOG IN. Modern Drama. What followed is already setting the tone for an even more brutal battle over who should succeed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday at Republicans split on whether they should even take the customary introductory meetings with the nominee; Mr. Both later lost their bids for re-election. Even Mr. Obama sounded tentative, knowing the White House had unusual hurdles to jump. Obama said then. Republicans refused even to grant Judge Garland a hearing, spurning Mr.

Gorsuch to fill the Scalia vacancy, Mr. McConnell jammed through a rule change allowing Supreme Court nominees to be confirmed with a simple majority, instead of Democrats had previously done the same for lower court nominees. Kavanaugh last year. And it now leaves Democrats with scant ammunition to fight a Trump nominee to fill the Ginsburg seat.

With Republicans holding a to Senate majority, four of them would have to defect in order to block confirmation. Democrats, including Mr. Obama, now say Mr. McConnell must adhere to the principle he invented, that the Senate should not fill an open seat in an election year before a new president is sworn in. But Mr. McConnell is determined to secure a conservative majority on the court regardless of his own treatment of Judge Garland and has dug in.

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In selecting Judge Garland, then 63, Mr. Obama took a calculated risk. The judge was a well-known figure in Washington legal circles, a Harvard-educated lawyer who earlier in his career had left corporate law and taken a 50 percent pay cut to become a federal prosecutor. He had made a name for himself prosecuting and winning the conviction of Timothy McVeigh, who had bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City in But he was older, white and moderate, and his nomination did little to energize the more liberal flank of the Democratic base.

How Gay Is America?

Judge Garland had twice made it onto Mr. But by the time the emergency arose, with the death of Justice Scalia on Feb. It would be three months before Mr. Trump secured the Republican nomination for president , but he seemed well on his way. Shortly after Mr. McConnell appeared on the Senate floor to say it was dead on arrival.

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  • He later called the judge to tell him much the same thing. McConnell said on the Senate floor. Either way, our view is this: Give the people a voice in the filling of this vacancy.